Agent Commitment

Most realtors in Regina are extremely professional. They value their clientele and work hard to build a good reputation in the community. This hopefully leads to a referral or two down the road and another chance to earn your business.

Realtors typically work hard to find a house that suits you. When this happens, chances are good that you will call the same realtor to list your home for sale someday. This form of agent commitment takes on the feeling of a long-term relationship.

A realtor may show you a number of houses over a few weeks before you find the right one. They will usually pick you up or meet you at the houses. Each outing could last a number of hours.

If you try to use more than one realtor you will find that each realtor will try and sell you any house while if you use one realtor, they will try and sell you the house that is right for you.

In the first circumstance the realtor will know that they may only get one chance, where in the second they know that if you buy it will be with them.

When your realtor commits their time to you, you should stick with that person until a deal is reached.

If you find that things are not working out with the particular realtor you originally chose, talk to the realtor about it so both of you are not wasting each other’s time.

The buyer’s realtor is only paid if they help you close a deal. When the transaction is finally completed, the buyer’s realtor will receive a portion of the commission paid by the seller. This is why your realtor knows their hard work will eventually pay off even though the buyer did not pay directly.

If a realtor has committed to you and is giving you a good effort, then commit to that person.