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Common Misconception "Nothing goes wrong in real estate transactions"

Did you know that over 34% of all claims against lawyers in

Saskatchewan were real estate related based on the last statistics obtained from the Law Society?

DBK Law is premised on service. We offer fast, reliable service at competitive prices. Whether you are buying, selling, building or refinancing, you need a real estate specialist assisting you with your legal needs.


Bernard Duchin has bean practicing law since 1984 and his preferred area of practice is real estate and conveyancing, will ensure that your real estate transaction is handled in a personal, efficient manner.

Bernard Duchin

For most people, whether they are buying or selling property, it is one of the most important and often the most costly investment they will make. It is essential that the buyer and seller obtain proper legal advice to save time, energy and expense.


Bernard Duchin can assist in interpreting the many legal and financial documents you will encounter in the transaction. His knowledge and experience in the area of real estate will help to make the transfer of property a smooth and easy one.


You will appreciate Bernard Duchin’s relaxed, personable approach. He takes the time to ensure you fully understand your real estate transaction and will keep you fully informed throughout the process of your sale or purchase.


Bernard Duchin is able to assist you in transferring Title, registering a new mortgage, removing encumbrances on Title, advancing mortgage funds, providing sale proceeds to the seller and ensuring the purchaser obtains possession on time.


Bernard Duchin will act to protect the interests of the buyer or the seller of real estate. It is possible to have Bernard Duchin represent both the buyer and the seller. If the same lawyer is used by both parties, the expenses for legal fees for both parties are reduced.